Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I am still there

Hi my dear friends!
Well I am back again. And it is the right time, because people started to discuss about me and where I might be.

Has Karina gone forever because she lost interest in feet and showing their feet?

No I am still there and also my feet are fine. And I did not lose my interest in feet.

I will try to explain.....

Well all that I am doing here  I have begun along time ago, because of curiosity and my interest in feet in general. But I have told you about that before. But writing about feet and showing my feet is only a small part of my life and myself.
And you may know that: Sometimes you have some problems yourself and othertimes your friends need you for solving their problems. And then you put other things beside, which seem not so important. For me it was all that foot stuff.

I am also not a person who wants to make everything public. So I won't tell you via Twitter what I had for lunch and when I go to the toilet ;) No I also love it, to have my private time and leave some things behind for a while.

Ok. That is not good if you have a blog and a lot of fans all over the world. So please forgive me, that it took such a long time, till I wrote again. But I also was two weeks on vacation. I want to thank everyone who wrote me mails and ask how I feel. Or who had wrote a comment. I am also very thankful that you have not given up with me and have visited my blog in the meantime.

When it comes to emails. I really do not have the time to answer them all. But be sure that I read every line. It is also so wonderful to see, how many people have such an strong interest in me. Thank you. And i also feel guilty, if i do not answer in person. But by anwering the 10th mail, I can`t remember what the first one had told me and I get confused. And it is not fair, if i do not know what you wortoe to me before. But you also can write a comment here, if there is anything you want to know. Then I can write an answer and everyone can read it.

Once again thank you very much. Please stay with me, participate in my blog, and I will also try to do a bit more!!!

And dont forget: