Saturday, July 23, 2011

Interview With Isy

Heute habe ich mal wieder ein kleines Interview für euch. Ich habe Isy auf DeviantArt kennengelernt. Ihre Seite dort heißt IsyFEETnSOLES. Isy kommt aus Italien und hat eigentlich gerade erst angefangen, Bilder von ihren Füßen (die mir sehr gut gefallen) zu machen. Gerade deshalb fand ich es interessant, sie über ihre ersten Erfahrungen zu befragen und somit einen frischen und unbefangenen Blick auf das Thema Füße zu erhalten. Aber lest einfach selber. Ich möchte mich schon einmal ganz herzlich bei Isy bedanken. Sie ist sicherlich auch sehr gespannt auf eure Reaktionen, daher schreibt bitte fleißig Kommentare (möglichst auf englisch). Aber jetzt viel Spaß mit dem Interview....

Today I have a small interview for you. I met Isy on DeviantArt. Her page there is IsyFEETnSOLES.
Isy is from Italy and she just started taking pictures of her feet (which I really like). I think it is very interesting to hear about her first experiences and her fresh and unbiased look on the topic FEET. But read for yourself. I just want to thank Isy for this interview. And I think she is curious about your reactions. So please don't be shy and write some comments. But for now have fun with the interview...

KARINA: Hi Isy! I often told you that you have beautiful feet, and of course you may think that I am a very weird girl. But I really like your pictures. It would be great to have you on my blog here.  Is it ok to ask you some questions?

ISY: Thank you very much for your kind words. I'm happy you like my page and my pics!
Well, it's weird by a girl, but it's funny too!
I like take photos and I like watch pics from others, like yours! Your feet are very have nice toes and soles..hihihi! I hope you upload more pictures of them!
Sure, you can ask me whatever you want!

KARINA: Hey then thank you and welcome to my blog. And thank you that you like my feet *smile*. I am very proud to have you here and that you will answer my questions. Here is the first one:
Since when are you showing pictures of your feet on the internet? And why did you start doing so? Is there a story behind that?

ISY: Well...I started just some months ago because my friend Alex (SelfShotYourFeet on DeviantArt) asked me if I could take pics of my feet for him. It's funny and I haven’t a problem to do it. Alex has closed his page and he asked me if I would open my personal page. So, I did it and here I am!

KARINA: Oh, yes I know Alex too. He contacted me, after he had seen my blog. I made some pictures for him too. It is sad that he has closed his page. Do you know more about it why he did it?

ISY: I think that he has closed his page because his girlfriend was jealous!
However, I know that he talked many girls into the footfetish biz! I think you are one of these!!!

KARINA: No, no, he did not have to talk me into it. Ok, I was new here  on Deviant Art and I liked his page. It was interesting to see that he convinced so many girls to make foot pictures and that the girls had no problem in doing so. And so I made some pictures for him. But I am showing pictures of my feet about more than four years by now.
Well, but it is interesting from your point of view. So you started first making some pictures for "selfshot your feet" and then you created your site here. When I look at your page you have more than 1.600 comments (including yours), more than 17.000 people have visited your page and a lot people have added you on their watchlist. So can you describe it how it was before you have started showing your feet and how it is now? Did you have a faible for feet before? Did your opinion about feet change in some way?

ISY: Well...I don’t like very much my feet and before posting pictures of my feet I was not very interested  in  feet. Now, I see that many people like them, especially my soles and I'm happy to know that my feet are nice for a lot of guys (and girls *hihi*). It is like a new world...weird but nice and funny!

KARINA: Yes, sometimes it can be very weird. I also have never thought that someone will say that my feet are beautiful before I showed my first pictures.
So showing your feet on DeviantArt has changed your attitude towards feet a bit. Do you look now more closely when you see feet (in reality or the internet)? 

I just noticed that you watched some of my pictures... Or are you not interested in other girl's feet at all?

ISY: So...basically I don’t like feet that much, they aren’t so attractive for me, but it's nice and funny watch the pics now. And yours are very pretty and artistic!

KARINA: Wow, thank you that you like my feet. It is so nice to get compliments from other girls. But you are not so much interested in other girl's feet. You enjoy it more to show yours.
Well I like it to watch feet. I am always interested in how they look, the shape and so on. I really think that feet are beautiful and sexual parts of the body. But like you, I also like to take pictures and to read all the comments.
But what do you think about all the guys (and maybe some girls) who like feet? You get a lot of comments like "I want to kiss/lick your feet, suck your toes" and so on. What do you think about people who love feet?

ISY: I're into foot fetish!  :)
I like to read comments and I think that's funny that many guys (and girls *smile*) love my pics, my feet etc. Yes, I received many messages where guys would like to lick, touch, sniff, suck my feet, also some proposal of footjob.....;)
I think it's funny, just funny.  :)

KARINA: I would not say that I am into foot fetish (I do not like the word fetish). I like feet very much and think they are very attractive. And maybe I would like to make some experiences with the feet of other girls, who knows? Just to find out how it is. On the other side, only one time a guy has kissed and licked my feet and it was very enjoyable.
So you have said that it is "just fun" for you. Can you tell me that a bit more detailed? What do you like most about it?
Well you know that all that people that watch your pictures are sexually very attracted by your feet. For my part, I like it to give all those people some pleasures with my pictures and for me it is exciting (also a bit sexual exciting). It is the fact that people from all over the world can look at my feet (and at yours now too). So I would also say that it is a bit exhibitionistic. 

So is it just the fun, the admiration and attention you get? Do you sometimes think about how many people watch and love your feet?

ISY: Well... I can tell that I like take pics, some request and read the comments and compliments, but I am not so interested in doing something  with the feet of other girls. For me is started as a game, and it's still a game. Yes, sometimes I think to the tons of people who like my  feet and I smile.  It's a bit weird but very nice and funny at the same time...
And owe all that  to my friend Alex...because I never thought that my feet could be so exciting for so many people!

KARINA: I think many women do not know that their feet could be so exciting for others.  But thanks to Alex, we all can see your feet now ! And it is great that you have fun and enjoy showing your feet.
As I know there are a lot of women who hate feet or hate their own feet.
So you have no problem with the fact that a lot of men are sexually attracted to feet. As I have understood you so far, you would call it "a bit weird".

I do not know if you have a boyfriend. But let us say you have a boyfriend and you love and trust him. And he loves feet and would like to make some love to your feet, kissing, licking...
What would you do?

ISY: I never had a boyfriend who loved my feet, and if it would be so, I think it would be nice and a new thing for me! :)  I think that I could let him lick or kiss my feet…no problem! 
So...can I ask to you two things?
1. Why you don’t show your face with your feet? It's more attractive for guys 
2. Did you ever made a video?

KARINA: For sure you can ask me!
I know that everyone would love it if I also would show my face. But I am careful about my privacy. I openly talk about all that foot stuff (like in my blog) but I do not want that someone will recognize me on the streets. I also fear that it could get me into trouble concerning my future private life or career. The internet never forgets. So I only can advise you to make yourself not too public. On the other side, most of all those guys who watch and comment our pictures do not show their face either. Well that is just my opinion. But please be careful with whatever you do.
Yes I made some videos. I have a YouTube-Channel.  Well I hope everyone will see videos of your beautiful feet in the future too. Tell me when you have made your first video.
And there is something I totally forgot to ask about. What is your shoesize?

ISY: My shoesize is 38-39 EU.

KARINA: Thank you so much for the interview. I hope we can do something like this again, or maybe YOU ask the questions next time. That could be interesting.  I wish you all the best and I am looking forward to see more great pictures of your beautiful feet. And greetings to my favorite country Italy!


And now it is your turn! Give some big applause for Isy!!!
I hope you enjoyed the interview and I also hope that you like Isy's feet as much as I do. 
And do not forget to check out all of her pictures at IsyFEETnSoles on DeviantArt. 
So und jetzt seid ihr an der Reihe. Ich bitte um einen großen Applaus für Isy!
Ich hoffe, das Interview hat euch gefallen. Sorry, dass ich noch keine Zeit hatte es zu übersetzen. Aber es ist auch wirklich leicht verständlich.
Und natürlich hoffe ich auch, dass euch Isys Füße auch so gut gefallen wie mir.
Und vergesst nicht, euch noch alle Bilder von Isy bei IsyFEETnSoles auf DeviantArt anzuschauen.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Flip Flops - Part II

Hallo zusammen!
Mir scheint, dass euch die letzten Flipflop-Bilder gefallen haben. Obwohl, so viele Kommentare waren es ja auch nicht. Nachdem ich ja so viele Mails mit der Forderung "Ich will deine Zehen von oben sehen!!!" bekommen habe, hatte ich etwas mehr erwartet. Ok. Dann haben wohl meine Zehen (von denen ich immer gesagt habe, dass sie nicht toll sind) alle Zehen-Fans verschreckt.
Ja, ich fand die Bilder ja auch nicht so toll (seht meinen Kommentar) aber ich habe natürlich nicht nur die paar Bilder gemacht. Deshalb zeige ich euch heute noch den Rest von dem Shooting. Denn die Bilder sollen ja nicht auf meinem Computer vergammeln.
Vielleicht kommentiere ich sie ja wieder selber, eure Kommentare freuen mich aber mehr.
Viel Spaß mit den Bildern....

Hi dear readers!
I think that you liked my flipflop-pictures. Oh no, I see, there were not many comments. After I got so many mails with "I want so see your toes from above!!!!", I thought that there would be more reactions. But as I always have said, my toes do not look so great, and maybe all those toes-from-above-fans saw it the same way and were so frightened to write anything (*lol*).
But I did not only those, but some more pictures. And I do not want to leave them unseen on my computer.  So here is the rest of that shooting. Maybe I will comment again my own pictures, like I did the last time. But for me it is most interesting to hear something from you.
Enjoy the pictures (or not)......


Und hier eine klitzekleine Vorschau auf was es demnächst irgendwann zu sehen gibt: 
And here a small preview of something that may be comming up next:


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Reactions to the F-Word Article and of course the Pictures

Hallo zusammen!
Ich muss sagen, es freut mich sehr, dass mein Artikel von so vielen Leuten gelesen wurde. Das Echo war (für meine bescheidenen Verhältnisse) groß. Da der Artikel vo mir (und anderen) auch auf anderen Seiten verlinkt wurde, fand natürlich nicht jeder Kommentar dazu seinen Weg hier her. Zudem habe ich natürlich auch Mails von einigen Bloglesern erhalten.
Insgesamt war aber sehr viel Interessantes dabei, so dass ich all die unterschiedlichen Meinungen hier noch einmal zusammenfassen möchte. Alle direkten Kommentare habe ich weggelassen, da ihr sie ja in meinem letzten Blogeintrag lesen könnt. Zum Übersetzen hatte ich auch nicht so viel Lust, da ich die Kommentare nicht verfälschen wollte. Zudem sind sie auch recht leicht zu verstehen. Und wie verlangt habe ich heute für euch auch die Bilder, die meinen Artikel zieren in hoher Auflösung....

Hi my dear friends!
I feel very happy, because so many read my article about the term "foot-fetish". I also was surprised to get so many reactions. Because of the fact that there were links to my article on other internet sites, not every comment found its way directly to my blog. And of course I got some emails too.
Many things were interesting to read, so I want to recap all those opinions. I did not include the comments you wrote here on the blog, because I think you have read them all. And, as most desired the pictures that illustrated my article in high resolution....

Also erst einmal muss ich sagen, dass mein Artikel durchwegs positiv aufgenommen wurde.  Also das freut mich natürlich besonders.  Es hat mich aber auch überrascht, da ich damit eigentlich überhaupt nicht gerechnet hatte.
Hier ein paar Beispiele:

First of all I have to say that my article produced overall very positive reactions. I am happy about that, because often some people misunderstand me. I was really surprised.
Here are some examples:

…really good article, it’s very refreshing to get a female prospective.”

“You are absolutely right! the word fetish immediately makes you think of creepy stuff, not the innocence of foot worshiping…”

“…the F word got to go.I’m a FOOTGUY!!!”

“I’m against the F word.We are Feet People!”

„Du hast recht. Das Wort 'Fetisch' klingt natürlich schon hart...
"Fußliebhaber", oder wie es der eine User in Deinem Blog schrieb "Fußfaible", klingt natürlich schöner und drängt einen nicht gleich in die Schmuddelecke.“

[You are right. The term fetish sounds too strong. „footlover“ or „footfaible“, like a user wrote on your blog sounds more nice.]

„Geht mir auch so dass dieses Wort Fetisch mir manchmal echt auf die Nerven geht. Nicht nur beim Thema Füße.“
[I think the same way. The word fetish sometimes really annoys me. Not only when it refers to feet]

“I agree. My love of feet is not the only thing I enjoy about a woman. A nice pair of feet needs to be attached to some great legs and a nice butt

Natürlich gab es auch Personen, die sich mit dem Wort “Fußfetisch” stärker befasst haben und es gar nicht so negativ sehen.  Gerade diese Reaktionen empfand ich als äußerst interessant,  da ich diesen Begriff in meinem Artikel etwas engstirnig behandelt hatte.

And of course there were some who thought a bit more about the term "foot fetish" and who said that this term is not that negative as many people think. These comments were very interesting for me, because my article was a bit one-sided.

“My dictionary says that a fetish is "a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked, to an abnormal degree, to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body etc." As far as I know, a fetishist can be aroused by more than just his/her fetish.”

“I pretty much agree with everything you have said. I don't think it's correct to call the people, who just find women's feet beautiful, fetishists.
However, most of the people, who like feet, are not simple aesthetes, who just appreciate the beauty of the woman's foot... For an enormous number of people, feet are not just a beautiful body part, feet are a very sexual body part... Yes, there are people, who like breasts, bottoms, legs, etc...
But it would be hard to find people, who masturbate over just pictures of bottoms and lips, or eyes... It would be hard to find people, for whom watching a picture of a girl's butt is enough to reach an orgasm.”

“Fetish - originally - is not a word with a negative denotation. It expresses deep sexual, artistic, and visual interest in a certain body part or clothing WITHOUT losing that same interest of the "traditional" way.”

„Man hört immer mehr und mehr in den Medien von dem bösen F-Wort, aber meist
nur in den extremen bzw. für Dritte vollkommen unverständlichen Weise. Das Problem liegt einfach darin das nicht genug Aufklärung herrscht.“
[More often you can hear something about the bad F-Word. Most of the time in extreme ways or completely not understandable for people who heard about people who love feet.  There is too less education about that.]

“I love beautiful feet, of course I love a beautiful women and their sexy bodies. But a woman could be how sexy, if her feet are not as sexy, it’s such a colossal disappointment. The need to be around and to touch beautiful feet is constant and unending, so again my question is what am I?”

Am aller häufigsten wurde aber natürlich die Frage gestellt, welchen Begriff man denn dann  verwenden soll? Ich weiß es auch nicht so genau. Ein paar Vorschläge haben mir gefallen, andere wiederum nicht. Hier ist mal eine kleine Auswahl:

But most people asked what term they should use instead? Especially in English I really can say that I would favorite a special term. Some suggestions were good, some were not so good. Here are some examples:

 “feet enthusiast, feet people, footlover, Fußliebhaber, Fußfaible,…”

Wenn ihr weitere Vorschläge habt, dann postet sie doch in die Comments. Wie ihr gesehen habt, habe ich jetzt auch nicht alle Statements kommentiert. Was sagt ihr zu den Reaktionen oder den Kommtaren zu meinem letzten Blogeintrag?

If you have more suggestions post them in the comments. As you have seen I left all those statements uncommented. But I am very interested in your opinions to those reactions and to the comments posted before on my article!

Und hier nun noch die Bilder:
And here the pictures as promised:



Bevor ich es vergesse. Da war noch ein Kommentar, der mir sehr gefallen hat:
Bevor I forget it, there was a comment I really enjoyed:

Ich musste übrigens schmunzeln, als ich deinen Kommentar gelesen habe, weil mir gerade einigen Situationen durch den Kopf gingen, in denen ich den Satz sagte: "Ja, ich habe einen Fußfetisch" ihn immer damit relativiert habe: "aber ich stehe natürlich auch auf andere Körperteile einer Frau und nicht nur ausschliesslich auf ihre Füße". Schon lustig, oder?

[I had to smile while I was reading your article, because I had to think about some situations I which I said:"Yes, I have a footfetish". And I always had to soft it down by adding:"...but I also like other parts of the female body aswell. Not only the feet." Funny, isn't it?]

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Why I hate the F-Word

Hallo meine lieben Freunde!
Heute gibt es mal wieder einen Artikel oder besser gesagt einen Kommentar von mir. Ja es dreht sich um ein Wort, dass ich nicht sonderlich mag und ihr könnt euch ja schon denken, um welches es sich handelt.  Ja genau das Wort FUSSFETISCH.
Der Artikel wurde übrigens auch bei Miss Perfect Feet veröffentlicht. Ich habe keine Ahnung, ob ich dort Feedback erhalte. Aber es freut mich, dass vielleicht ein paar mehr Leute den Artikel lesen können.
Ach ja für die deutsche Version müsst ihre etwas runterscrollen. Aber jetzt viel Spaß beim lesen…

Hello my dear friends!
Today I want to talk about a word that I do not like so much. But everybody uses it when thinking about feet.  Yes I think you know the word.  So here is an article about my problems with the word FOOTFETISH. Please keep in mind that I am not perfect at writing in English. But I think you will understand what I mean….
By the way this article was also published at Miss Perfect Feet. I do not know if I get feedback there. But I like the fact that maybe some more people will read it.

Yes I hate the word FOOTFETISH and I really do not know why everyone who likes feet uses this word.  Fetish implies that only a special object is the reason for sexual excitement and nothing else. Without that object there is no sexual pleasure at all.

So all the footlovers who always talk about themselves as foot fetishists, I want to see them when they say to their wife, girlfriend or one-night-stand “No! You can take your clothes back on, but leave your socks off! That’s enough for me!”

I hope you get the point. People are allowed to love legs, breasts, bottoms, lips, eyes, hands etc. but when it comes to feet, it is a FETISH. 
 I think most people are just too lazy to think about why they like feet or what they like about it. Instead of being creative, they use a term some psychologists created a hundred years ago and go with the masses that just use this term, never really thinking about it. Everywhere you look on the internet it is fetish when you search for feet. And all the people that come together to talk about it, join under the term of FOOTFETISH. There are foot fetish boards, blogs…etc. and everyone who talks there says, “I am a foot fetishist”, even when he likes other body parts too. 

On the other hand a lot of men complain about, that so many women think that foot fetishists are so creepy.  Yes, you should know it by now. It is the word FETISH. It goes along with other things a lot of women are not that attracted to like leather, boots, bondage, slaves, dominance and submissiveness. 

Do not get me wrong. I am very open-minded and I respect everyone’s preferences. And that should not be the important part of what I try to say. In the end it is first of all the society’s judgment which places things in the normal or dark and weird corner. And my goal always is to get feet out of that dark and creepy place. And hey, it is feet, body parts everyone has, so why should be something strange?

So I do not know why people always use the word FETISH.  I know that some women do not like feet at all, some are really afraid of feet, and some say ok, feet are just normal body parts. But when it comes to that there are people who love feet they first have all those creepy things in mind I stated above. The term FETISH is burned too much in everyone’s mind.

Another problem for me are young under aged people, who just discover their love for feet. They do not know exactly why they love feet so much. So they check on the internet and come across that clinical word FETISCH that sounds like an illness.  “Oh my god, I have Foot Fetish, there must be something wrong with me”.

 So to come to a conclusion: Feet are so beautiful and natural things. For some bare feet are the symbol of innocence others may say that a barefoot woman represents some kind of toughness.  Others would say that a beautiful foot is nothing without a nice shoe around it.  Others like toerings, painted or unpolished nails, soles or toes…and so on. There is such a great variety of things that comes in mind when you think about feet.  And all of that should merge under that clinical term of “Footfetish”? I do not think so.

Think about the real meaning of FETISH and think about if it is the real description of you and your preference. 

If not: Spread the love and stop the F-Word!

And now: What do you think about the term FOOTFETISH? Tell me! 


Ja, ich kann das Wort FUSSFETISCH wirklich nicht ausstehen und ich weiß auch wirklich nicht warum jeder, der Füße mag dieses Wort benutzt.  Also im Allgemeinen sagt das Wort Fetisch aus, dass nur ein spezielles Objekt sexuelle Erregung beschert und sonst nichts. Ohne dieses Objekt ist eine sexuelle Erfüllung ansonsten so gut wie unmöglich.

Aber alle Fußliebhaber bezeichnen sich als Fußfetischisten. Und genau die möchte ich gerne mal sehen, wenn sie ihrer Frau, Freundin oder One-Night-Stand-Geliebten sagen: „Nee, zieh dich wieder an, aber lass die Socken ausgezogen! Das reicht mir vollkommen!“

Ich glaube, Ihr versteht was ich meine. Alle Menschen dürfen Beine, Brüste, Hintern, Lippen, Hände, Augen usw. lieben, aber wenn es Füße sind, dann spricht man plötzlich von FETISCH.

 Ich denke, dass die meisten einfach zu faul sind, mal darüber nachzudenken, warum sie Füße lieben und was an Füßen für sie den besonderen Reiz ausmacht. Und so gehen sie einfach mit der  Masse und benutzen eine Bezeichnung, die irgendein Psychologe vor über hundert Jahren mal kreiert hat. Überall im Internet stößt man auf das Wort „Fetisch“, wenn man nach Füßen sucht oder sich informieren will. Und alle, die sich zusammentun, um sich für ihre Vorliebe für Füße auszutauschen, uniformieren sich unter dem Begriff FUSSFETISCH. Da gibt es Fetisch-Boards, -Foren, -Blogs, und alle die sich da unterhalten sagen von sich selbst „Ich bin ein Fußfetischist“, auch wenn sie andere Körperteile genauso mögen.

Auf der anderen Seite beschweren sich so viele Männer darüber, dass Frauen Fußfetischisten als irgendwie gruselig ansehen. Naja, ihr solltet es wissen. Das Wort FETISCH ist daran schuld.  Damit wird sofort Lack, Leder, Dominanz, BDSM usw. assoziiert, also Dinge, bei denen sich nicht so jede Frau direkt angesprochen fühlt. Bitte versteht mich bei diesem Punkt nicht falsch. Ich respektiere jedem seine sexuelle Präferenz.  Aber um das geht es jetzt eigentlich nicht. Am Ende ist es aber die Allgemeinheit, die spezielle Dinge in eine dunkle oder dreckige Ecke drängt.  Und mein Anliegen ist es schon immer, Füße aus dieser „Creepy-Zone“ herauszuholen. Aber Hallo, es geht um Füße, also Körperteile, die jeder hat, und nicht um irgendetwas Außergewöhnliches.

Deshalb weiß ich wirklich nicht, warum alle Leute immer das Wort FETISCH benutzen. Ich weiß, dass es viele Frauen gibt, die Füße nicht ausstehen können, manche haben eine komplette Fußphobie, und manche sehen sie als normale Körperteile an. Aber jedesmal, wenn es darum geht, dass es Leute gibt, die Füße lieben, als allererstes haben sie diese gruseligen Sachen im Kopf.  Dieses doofe Wort FETISCH hat sich einfach bei jedem so eingebrannt.

Ein weiteres Problem sind für mich vor allem junge Leute bzw. Minderjährige, die gerade ihr Gefallen an Füßen entdecken. Sie wissen nicht, warum sie Füße lieben. Daher schauen sie mal schnell im Internet nach und stoßen dort auf diesen klinischen Begriff FETISCH, der schon fast wie eine Krankheit klingt. „ Um Himmelswillen, ich hab Fußfetisch, irgendwas stimmt nicht mit mir“.

 Ok,  ich komm mal zu einem Ende. Füße sind einfach wunderschön und so natürliche Körperteile. Manche sagen, dass nackte Füße eine gewisse Unschuldigkeit symbolisieren, andere finden eine Frau, die barfuß ist einfach taff. Wiederum andere würden sagen, dass schöne Füße nichts ohne das dazugehörige Schuhwerk sind. Andere mögen Zehenringe, lackierte oder unlackierte Zehen, Sohlen oder Zehen…usw. ‚Es gibt einfach so viele Präferenzen, wenn man sich mit Füßen beschäftigt. Und soll all das einfach in diesen klinischen Begriff FETISCH gepresst werden?

Denkt einfach mal über die ursprüngliche Bedeutung von Fetisch nach und ob das wirklich eine eindeutige Beschreibung für euch ist.  

Wenn nicht:  Spread the love and stop the F-Word!

Jetzt seid aber ihr an der Reihe: Was haltet ihr von dem Begriff FUSSFETISCH?  Erzählt's mir!